IPv6 now supported by Unity

With the new IPv6 support in Unity came also the removed assumption of IPv4 socket usage for all socket related API calls. This also broke Dungbeetle, but easily fixed of course.

This seems to be the way to get an IPv4 socket these days:

  client = TcpClient(AddressFamily.InterNetwork)

Improved way of distributing the documentation


Since the documentation comes with Dungbeetle, and is therefore likely to be stored within Unity Projects, I figured I would find a way to make Unity ignore it, and avoid producing meta files for every html and png file in there.

So I renamed the documentation folder from 'Documentation' to '.Documentation'. Like poof! Unity couldn't see the files anymore. But that introduced another problem. Ignored files can't be distributed through unitypackage's.

I turned to the Asset Store Submission Guidelines, and decided simply that when creating unitypackages, I would zip the .Documentation instead.

Then I created a button that would lead to 'index.htm' in the documentation, and which could inform the user that they might wish to unzip the documentation, unless he/she already had done so of course.

Let's hope it isn't too hard to figure out.

Attachment sizes

It turns out that attachment support was not as well supported as I had expected.

First of all... attachments with an index of 0 wouldn't show up in the attachment window.

Then... because of a bug in the game I'm using in the video, I found that attachments bigger than 64KB couldn't be stored in MySQL databases. That is clearly too little, as my simple little bug, who had spammed roughly ~500 debug messages easily breached that limit.

Moving the Resources folder

A recent feature since Unity 5.2.2, is that the Editor folder for plugins no longer needs to sit directly at 'Plugins/Editor'. Not long ago I took advantage of this and moved it to 'Plugins/Dungbeetle/Editor', which means less clutter for Dungbeetle users.

This time I found this little forum post, revealing that also the Resources folder can sit where it wants.

Easy peasy.... now it's at 'Plugins/Dungbeetle/Resources'.

Love it!