In this example we're using the free dll version. This is fine until you've committed your project fully, and you need a production server.


The Dungbeetle menu options shows up under 'Window'


The demo server is already running, let's take a look:


Let's report a bug. Two examples are included, let's use 'BugReportFormExampleManager'.


In play mode, some hint text will show in the corner of the screen. This is just the example's OnGUI. When you are deploying Dungbeetle with your game, this is one of the things you might want to customize. That's why only examples are supplied. You know your game - you know what to do.


When the player has pressed F7, the bug report GUI will overlay the screen. At this time you should pause your game, however that might be. In most cases, setting Time.timeScale = 0 will suffice. The example code provides nice function calls that are appropriate for this, and even setting it back when the bug report has been sent or canceled.


Let's check out our bug report.



Clicking on the 'details' button on any bug will bring up a new window with the details, minus the attachments. Clicking the attachments button will show the attachments in another separate window.


Neat, right?