What was done?

In summary 4 things:

  1. Lots of common tasks were tested manually, in the search for bugs.
  2. Several obscure crashes and hang-ups were removed.
  3. The action buttons in the bug-report-details window now works as well as in the ones in the overview.
  4. The project id chooser gives much better feedback when it might be out of sync with the server.

Elaborating on #3: the buttons at the bottom of the bug-report-details window now work much better in cooperation with the overview. Bugs can move in or out of the currently shown tab, and the whole lifecycle of a bug report can now be imposed directly from the details window without any issues.

Also, the project id field in the connection window is now a lot more sophisticated. It can fall back to "manual" mode, if the user clicks on any button that changes which server you connect to. In this case, the project id can not be displayed, because it might be invalid on your new server. Clicking on the fallback button will bring the list back up to scratch after switching server.